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Making do

"Making do" - this phrase has typified a cash-strapped, post-war Britain which had, by then, lost the swagger and ambition of the Victorian era.  On a more positive note, its also about achieving the best results with what resources you have.  It is also "situation normal" for the budget filmmaker.  It's easy to fall into the trap that all that idea you have needs is some new piece of gear, or another workshop or some new software package.  Oh that's just me then is it?

Occasionally, you see a piece of work that has production values that far exceed the consumer equipment used to make it.  My friend J G Harding just posted his latest music video up on Vimeo which is just such a creation.  The track is called "Clapton Pond" by Apologies, I Have None, this is an ambitious, high concept piece which I think completely belies it's zero budget origins.

To judge for yourself here is the video


To learn more about its making go to Julian's website


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