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First Trip to NAB

So I am finally going to NAB.  The National Association of Broadcasters annual show in Las Vegas is a mecca for movie, tv and camera geekery.  I first became aware of it a few years back when the whole HDDSLR thing started to take off.  Last year, I teetered on the brink of going but didn't.  After spending hours absorbing video and podcasts from the show and feeling very left out, I decided that next year I would definitely go.  Despite a few challenges its all booked and I am having a final inner turmoil over what gear to take.

I think the highlight for me is less the tech than the chance to meet people who have to date only existed on t'interweb but who I feel I know quite well.  NAB has such a strong draw that its not just the US folks that will be there but many of the other international contacts I have made.  Did I mention it was Vegas?  Viva NAB!

I am not going to attempt to cover the show.  There will be plenty of (properly authorised) crews doing that.  I will write about anything that particular takes my fancy though.  After NAB I am taking some time to travel in the South West of the US of A.  Apart from stop-overs in LA and San Francisco, it will be the first time I have explored this area.  My only hope now is that the US Government settles its budget crisis and the National Parks I have lined up to visit will actually be open.


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